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How To Take Outstanding Bird Photos

We all know a great, eye-catching photo when we see one.  The image just pops and resonates with the viewer.  There are a few things to be aware of that will help you appreciate how to take outstanding bird photos yourself.  There are two aspects to this, what I think...

Ethics for Wildlife Photographers

Wildlife photography is both challenging and rewarding.  It is good to see more people taking an interest in birds and trying their hand at some photography. Most important, in any situation, is the welfare of the subject.  There are some ethical considerations that...

What is ‘Best Bird Photos Australia’?

‘Best Bird Photos Australia’ is a display of the highest quality bird images from leading bird photographers around the world. But this website is more than just a directory of wildlife photographers and a full list of Australian Birds and their images.

It’s so much more than that!

‘Best Bird Photos Australia’ is a community website where we display the most stunning images from the community of amateur and professional bird photographers. Photographers like yourself have the opportunity to not only claim the number one bird photo position but to share your profile and work with the world. Easily navigated and with a simple but powerful search function, Best Bird Photos is a resource for students and people who have little knowledge of our beautiful birds. Hopefully, we are inspiring the next generation of budding bird photographers. Find out more here.

How Do We Get The Best Bird Photos?

The photos on this website are provided by the community of amateur and professional bird photographers from across the globe. Photographers have the chance to submit the best bird photo for a particular species, and if they have what it takes, they get their images displayed. They also get to the opportunity to tell the world a bit about themselves and something unique you might not know about the bird from their personal experience viewing them in the wild. Have you got what it takes to get the number one bird photo? Learn More or check out our blog or portfolio of great bird images.